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Who is Andrew Dynamite?

Andrew Dynamite is a fictional characer played by Andriy Matviychuk (Me) as part of my YouTube Channel

Are you a Game Developer in Real Life?

No, i'm not a game developer, but i do work full-time in a videogames company as Art Manager. At work i manage a very talented team of Art Directors, UX Designers and Game Artists who work on award winning games played by millions of people around the globe.

Is Wishforge Games your Hobby?

Yes! Everything i do as part of Wishforge Games is my hobby and i do it exclusively in my free time from work and family.

Why all this 80s stuff?

Well, i was botn in the 80s and i love that era, i think the music, games, movies and everything created in the 80s is awesome and Andrew Dynamite will bring that forward!

When will you finish Squaremoji?

Hopefully around July 2021. Unfortunately it's very difficult for me to announce exact release date because it all depends on my work and family. I am also about to become father for the second time, so i can't really plan anything because of that :D

Why are you always using GDevelop?

Because it's an awesome 2D game engine: it's easy, intuitive, limitless and free! I just can't ask for more.